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Welcome to our company Martinross Pianos Inc. Here at Martinross Pianos Inc. our mission is simple:

Martinross' central mission is to effectvely reconstruct, refurbish and repair pianos - restoring old and new pianos to manufacturers' originality. Martinross Pianos Inc. is a leader in the industry and the professionals are confident that they would provide their customers full satisfaction.
The professionals at Martinross have a keen sense of their own professional responsibilities and continued technical improvement in skills is a way of life.
The partners are committed to excellence.
Martinross is also committed to the restoration of antique furnishings at the same level of excellence outlined for pianos.

Our staff combined have over 100 years of expertise in restoring, refinshing and refurbishing pianos.

They include Clement A. Nichols, Noel N. Roberts, and Andre W. Nichols

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Providing: Complete Piano Refinishing, Piano Rebuilding and Piano Restoration services in the Toronto area. We also offer piano storage, piano quotes and piano apparels.
Contact Information: 416.665.0706 | 62 Alness Street, Suite 3, Downsview, Toronto, Ontario, M3J 2H1

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